International Youth Leadership


  • To educate children by sharing the artistic talent and heritage of their peers.
  • To provide forum for talented and gifted children to express their ability.
  • To assist nonprofits in conducting fundraising activities to fund programs for children.
  • To raise awareness of children’s issues through the use of media  programming, that will educate, entertain, and provide social  benefits.

CHC is a multi-media and multi-cultural program focused on the needs of children. CHC uses TV, radio and publications to reach children. A social benefit program to support non-profit organizations that deals with needy children. CHC’s educational, social benefits, and entertainment is an outlet for creativity and fun. It helps children understand and deal positively with major issues affecting them and their communities.

It is an opportunity for children to express their talents, showcase their cultural heritage, and voice their concerns. CHC brings attention to social issues such as: aids, drugs, crimes, conflict, pollution, and violence. In doing so, we cultivate ways to promote harmony, unity, understanding and peace by focusing children’s attention on common needs. The cultural diversities of the participants are highlighted and celebrated.

Since 1991, CHC has featured over 1800 children from 94 nationalities around the world. They have participated in various events broadcast through 63 TV and radio stations. The children perform in such prestigious events as:

Adopt A Child for the Holiday at Cobo Hall, Kids Fair at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Future Leadership at the Capitol (Lansing), and Stand For Children in Washington, D.C. One of CHC’s main events is Kids of the World Summit, which takes place in three major cities in Michigan.