The Michigan Global Directory (MGD)

In celebration of The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (IIMD)’s 100 years anniversary we are glad to inform you that we are partnering with The World in America (TWIA) to bring The Michigan Global Directory (MGD). This unique printed guide has also a comprehensive website and mobile application. The MGD highlights success stories of new Americans and informs the public about services, goods and resources in our global community.

MGD is designed to celebrate the professional, civic, and social undertakings of your business and aim to promote your accomplishment to the 94 ethnic communities affiliated with IIMD. MGD is a comprehensive guide representing the hard-working immigrants and their contributions to the beauty of our Nation-of-Nationalities, all the way from Argentinean -Americans to Zimbabwean-Americans. We are providing an opportunity for your business to reach to a wider and new audience.

We host events and festivals throughout the year to celebrate our diversity, achieve our mission of building bridges of harmony, unity, peace and understanding in our global community and provide opportunities to highlight your establishment before a wider range of customers. MGD and these events/festivals will promote your businesses through a strong networking. IIMD will provide venues to share your heritage, promote cultural awareness, and support education and most importantly …you are the center of it all.

The Directory is a fund-raising effort and our goal is to raise this year $100,000 for our International Club’s after-school program that empowers participants to think globally and act locally. IIMD’s programs provide opportunities for audiences of all ages to enhance their learning about the only planet we have suitable for life and to prevent disasters in our ever-changing world. Our global education programs is hand on through learning basic communication in major languages, music, songs, dances, and arts, while our audience develops respect for the diverse cultures in which we live in.

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Nada Dalgamouni

Phone: (248) 752 – 2345